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Arthur M. Mills, Jr.A good friend of mine highly recommended Web-Development-1.com to develop my website. I emailed Anindya with a basic idea of what I wanted. Within an hour, he emailed me back and said he can complete the website in ten days. Other web development companies quoted me more than four times of Anindya’s price and with two or more months for completion. I decided to give Web-Development-1.com a try.

Ten days later, even though I only gave a basic idea for a website, Anindya produced a well developed, highly advanced, and a very professional website. Just check out my website and see for yourself. I can’t believe that Anindya put together such a great website in such a short period of time and for such a low price.

You just can’t beat Web-Development-1.com.

Arthur M. Mills, Jr., Washington, United States


Pinaki GhoshAnindya, the creative head behind Web-Development-1.com is a true champion. The websites he creates are true works of art and a visual pleasure. But not to be deceived by his high sense of aesthetics; he is also a great developer and coder, who has created any complicated code I wanted for many of my websites. From complicated shopping cart integration to sorting out any troubleshoot, when they occur, in minutes or hours; from SSL certificate integration to search engine optimization, Anindya is a master who knows all knick-knacks of his trade and is surprisingly affordable too. All my websites created by him came up in Google's first page in 4 - 6 weeks. Highly recommended.

Pinaki Ghosh, Kolkata, India
CEO, www.TheScreenplayWriters.comwww.WriterPinaki.com


Norman E. TateFrom beginning to the end of the project, we found very professional support from Web-Development-1.com personnel. They not only brought us the service that we need, but also gave us help in other areas that we hadn’t seen and enhanced the functionality and quality of final product. The entire project was done not only in time, schedule and cost, but also brought us a very good communications between them and us. That we consider is a plus when we work over internet and separated thousands of miles of distance. All interaction and work went smoothly and ended for us with a successful project and with a happy client. We recommend them strongly.

Norman E. Tate, Montevideo, Uruguay


I appreciate all your work in getting my website complete. I greatly appreciate all of your updates and communication during the project. You gave a great price and along with that came great work. I will definitely use you again for my future web projects.

Eric Cumberlander, Atlanta, USA


Sumitra PadmanabhanAnindyasundar Mandal has designed our Website www.srai.org and is maintaining the site as a news-magazine for the last two and a half years. The site is remarkable for its neatness and matter-of-fact approach. Without much decoration or frills, Anindya has made the site suitable for a serious mission. Hence, the promptness with which he updates and the way in which he adds relevant pictures – all add to the popularity of the site. He has made the website SEO friendly; a lot of traffic comes from Google and other search engines.

Sumitra Padmanabhan, Kolkata, India
Executive Editor, The Freethinker

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