E-commerce Membership/Subscription

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Membership/ Subscription Management (AEC)

Account expiration control Joomla 1.5 is an essential component for the Joomla websites. The feature lets you provide your customers with easy paid memberships on your website. Account expiration control, composed in PHP programming language and with MySQL database system, offers convenient on-line membership schemes.

Web-development-1.com, successfully exploring all aspects in website development, has reintroduced Account expiration control with a new identity basing on Joomla based website development. With us account expiration control can be easily customized in Joomla according to your preferences to procure desired results. At web-development-1.com, this website development service for paid membership Joomla 1.5 integrates with CommunityBuilder, JACL and other major components and allows wide range of payment processors.

A glance on the features of Account Expiration Control:

  • Convenient methods of payment through Payment processors including Manual Transfer handling, PayPal, Paycom, CCBill, Authorize.net, 2Checkout etc.
  • Handling the extensive Registration & Subscription process
  • PHP codes are attached to payment plans by MicroIntegration API
  • Provides more than 45 MicroIntegrations that include emails, MySQL queries, htaccess, VirtueMart groups, restriction of listing amounts in Mosets Tree and many other features
  • Extensive range of payment plan choices like Paid, Trials, Lifetime, Free and Global free trials
  • Integrated processes of Registration and Subscription with CommunityBuilder, JomSocial and many more
  • Discount Coupon offers
  • Multiple Access Control Features for better visibility of plans
  • Assortment of Payment Plans
  • Comprehensive approach towards event handling


Following an instant order, we can provide you with two hours of free customization services for unique Joomla template of more than $50 market value.

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