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Social Networking Website

Web-development-1.com provides you with an exceptional package that includes social networking website development services to make your website more social and accessible. Popularity of a website is largely conducive for emergence of online business. With Community Builder Joomla 1.5, social network web development services at web-development-1.com integrates all the basic features essential to make your website social and keep your users active through interactions.

Community Builder allows easy customization of the user profiles and lists, helping the members in profiling themselves. Adapting the profiles according to the needs of your community, Community Builder provides your website with a robust, scalable and reliable platform to prosper on reasonable hosting servers. As an open source, Community Builder guarantees complete freedom with development of social networking websites. The social framework of Community Builder is highly extensible. With more than 120 already existing plugins and new additions every week, the functionality of Community Builder is indeed much extended.

Some special features of Community Builder follow:

  • Extra fields in profile
  • User lists
  • Connection paths between users
  • User profiles and tabs as defined by admin
  • Image upload
  • Integration with other components, like PMS (Private Messages), Newsletter, Forum, Galleries
  • Chat
  • Profile Gallery
  • Profile Guestbook
  • Paid Subscriptions Membership management
  • Donations management


With an immediate order, you can get up to 2 hours of customization of professional looking Joomla template, worth more than $50, for completely Free of cost.

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